god what a time to be alive

like seriously caitie and i were watching “an adventure in time and space” (which wow what a great movie beautifully cast and directed and written and costume)

and by the end we were completely bawling

like during a movie that lasted merely 87 minutes was enough to have us sobbing

we made an emotional connection

what a time we live in where media (visual or not; really any kind of art) can stir such emotions in us and access places deep in people

what an incredible thing

what human ingenuity

it’s little things like that that just bring me out of dark places because how crazy is that

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In honor of the release of The Avengers to the US, I decided to do some gallifreyan. Original idea came from this post, but I wanted try it with my own style.

You get two bonus pictures, Coulson (because he deserves to be an Avenger), and of course, Loki. 

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Can I borrow your horse, please? It’s official marshall business.

i legit lol-ed at this.

New head cannon: the Doctor went to Oberlin.

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what if the dark was a conscious being 

like every time you’re surrounded in complete darkness it’s just giving you a really big hug

you shouldn’t be afraid of the dark i bet it’s really nice

i just realized that my url kind of makes this a problem

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