LOK Shipping by Writers...(in my imagination):

  • Writers: Ok. The endgame couples we have are: Makorra, Irosami, Bo-
  • Fans: Whoa, whoa, whoa...Makorra, Irosami? What the fuck is the matter with you guys?
  • Writers: What? We think this is pretty decent and is a perfect endgame scenario...
  • Fans: ...do you people just not remember the Zutara incident you caused 4 years ago?
  • Writers: ...Yes we did and we appeased that by making Makorra end game...
  • Fans: No!...just...no. Just let us explain that absolute flawed logic. First, Mako is not Zuko in any way. Sure, they are both firebenders, have four letters in their names and the names both end in O but that is about it. Second, you CANNOT pair the kickass waterbender, who is also the Avatar AND trained by Katara, with some random firebender person when there is a fucking blood relative of Zuko available, who is smexy by the way...you just don't...you piss a lot of people off that way...
  • Writers: ...
  • Fans: Ok. Let us dumb it down to you guys...Makorra - the Kataang we already have. Korroh - the Zutara we never got, but was originally planned until you dumbasses changed it...
  • Fans: Do you remember the backlash you got from Zutarians? Remember the death threats? Huh, do you?!
  • Writers: *whimper* Yes...
  • Fans: Well we'd HATE to repeat ourselves, we clear?
  • Writers: ...Ok well you guys always have season two...?
  • Fans: Damn right we have season two! Now fix the shit you guys caused in the span of 12 episodes!
  • Writers: *writing and crying simultaneously*
  • Fans: And that's how you do it...*winks*
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